Lanu Faletau


Intern forĀ 24th July 2017 – 18th August 2017

Interning at the Samoan Law Reform Commission from July-August has been an incredible experience and I cannot recommend the Commission to future interns enough. During my internship I was focused primarily on researching various jurisdictions in an effort to garner relevant information for the potential development of FOI laws within the Samoan context. It was particularly fascinating having to balance the implementation of western concepts into the Samoan context and I absolutely appreciated the experience. Further to this the exposure to vast areas of law has been such an amazing learning experience as I was also given the opportunity to explore other projects within the Commission such as the current revision of the Narcotics Act. Observing the Commissions consultation process was wonderful as I was able to witness the balance in accommodating faa Samoa (The Samoan Way) whilst considering new legal developments.

Whilst the work is interesting and allows you to engage with real issues, perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the internship was witnessing the culture in which the office operates. The staff at the Commission have been nothing short of wonderful and always willing to assist and accommodate my issues or queries. I cannot emphasize enough how refreshing it was working in an environment that understands the work life balance whilst not compromising on professionalism and results.

My experience with the Commission and more broadly speaking within Samoa has been the highlight of my year thus far. I cannot wait to visit Samoa again soon!