Ruth Parsons


5th June 2017 – 30th June 2017

In June and July 2017 I undertook an internship at the Samoa Law Reform Commission.  I highly recommend this internship to other students, not least because it is an opportunity to do fascinating legal research during the week and go scuba diving with turtles on the weekend.

During my time at the Commission, my primary task was to research the possibility of introducing freedom of information legislation in Samoa. Samoa has unique culture and traditions, so it was important to work with the Commission and experts in the Pacific to imagine a scheme that is compatible with Fa’a Samoa (the ‘Samoan Way’). I enjoyed the opportunity to apply what I have learned at law school in a new and fascinating social and political context.

As well as undertaking legal research, I had the opportunity to liaise with freedom of information reform experts, attend public consultations, team meetings and office social events.

Unquestionably, the highlight of my experience was the hospitality from the Samoan people, and especially from my colleagues at the Samoa Law Reform Commission. I will remember my time in Samoa fondly, and I hope to return in the future.